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Principal Message

Emmanuel Mission School is a remarkable place. In this exceptional and beautiful environment children from all corners of the globe and   all walks of life and learn together. Visitors to our campus discover energy and vitality here. Our ethos is a dynamic blend of happy   purposefulness, a determination to succeed, to enjoy life, to enjoy each other’s company-and, most importantly, to discover that there is far   more in each of us than we think!

We firmly believe that children should enjoy school and that they learn better when they enjoy actively involved in their education, regularly   challenged, properly supported and given every opportunity to find and develop their potential. We offer an inspiring setting for the education   of children in the firm belief that something of great value is waiting to be unearthed within each of them.

Our board and imaginative curriculum takes seriously the capacity for children to learn across the full range of their experience – academic, enrichment and residential life. Our proud tradition of student involvement and decision making ensures Emmanuel treats children as individuals. This passion for bringing out the unique talents in each student lies at the heart of our educational philosophy.

Our aim is that students will leave Emmanuel well-balanced, ready to go out into the future, to lead happy and fulfilling lives and to contribute positively and generously to the world.

Dr Blessy George


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